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July 04, 2015



I think so far we have seen all the same places you have mentioned on your trip - did you see someone walk almost up to the buffalo to pet it? I tell you crazy stupid people at the parks - I'm not sure how many times we saw people so close to the buffalo that they would have been gored if the buffalo had felt like it - also getting too close to elk not realizing that they can get you with those antlers! In our youth :) we did the 7 miles around Jenny Lake - now we take the ferry across and hike up to Inspiration point and a mile or so past there into the mountains - really beautiful. Now that you have gone to Grand Teton and Yellowstone you need to go see Glacier National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park - both very beautiful places to see.

Gene Black

You had me at "eating crab"

Mary Anne

There are several pictures here that I would be framing. Talk about incredible views!!

Tina in NJ

Love the bison photo! Maybe not 16 x 20, but definitely frame-worthy.

Sue H

Thank you for taking us on your trip! Fabulous.

Becky in VA

Great post - your photographs are wonderful!

Happy Independence Day!

Virtual Quilter

What a great trip!

shirley bruner

That looks like a once in a lifetime experience .... glad you got to do it and had a wonderful time. what fun.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Fabulous photos!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time.


that would be a great gradient. Happy 4th!


Jenny Lake is one of our favorite places to hike with our family. I like your solution for the "height" issues. I will try it on my next hike.


Beautiful pictures!


These travel posts and photos are just awesome ... Not even a tiny bit boring!!!!

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