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July 09, 2015


Sue H

These are AWESOME! What a great spoon rest idea.


love your spoon rest!

Lea Anne

My son would absolutely love these. The short fat brown one is my fave also. This reminds me of the crazy looking ashtrays made in the 70's.


Do you have any blue bottles? (I could use a blue spoon rest.)

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Those are all so interesting, love the swirl mold.

Mary Anne

I like the effect of the swirl too. Wonder if small bottles (like maybe ones from perfume) could be slumped?


Are you taking orders yet?! I really, really want two green wine bottles ...


The bottles look great! I sure love my blue slumped bottle! I keep some small rocks I brought back from Del Mar in my slumped bottle.

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