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July 29, 2015


Sally T

Awesome! And adorable. I happen to know where I can get you a real one (two or three) that you can have for a live model (and live in therapist).

Tina in NJ

We have a tuxedo cat named Jinx. What a brain dead creature. She's either asleep or running around crazy, no in between.this looks like she's stalking the other cat, 12 years her senior.

Cheryl K.

The eyes are perfect - that's the spitting image of our black cat Moki!!

Deborah Levy

Love, Love Love this one!!!

Phyllis Rosenwinkel

Very nice! Two of my four rescued cats are black male litter mates who are top cats, except when my 12 year old female demands everyone must follow her rules.

Jean S.

How fun! Love it.


Nicely done!


love your cat!!

Lynne in Hawaii

It is just amazing! Your wall just gets better and better. You are pretty amazing too!


Love the cat--reminds me of one we had when I was a kid

Gene Black

You did a great job. I love the eyes.
I had not thought of using the yogurt lids as disposable palettes....but now I am making my own yogurt and all the containers I had saved are in use. (for small batch dyeing like I do, the quart containers are perfect.)

Beth in AZ

I love seeing your wall progress! Thanks for the pictures...LOVE the eyes! So creative!


Holy! While I am not a cat person by any stretch, I adore your mosaic cat. Man Vicki, you killed it. Those eyes! Stunning and mesmerizing eyes. Great job, my friend.


definitely cute!

Mary Anne

Just popped over and had a nice drool all over those stamp images. I am not, however, going to succumb to temptation because I don't need another thing to play with. Your kittie is well done - she will be keeping an eye on you as you work (even better? She doesn't shed!)


Love the cat. Now you won't be alone in the basement. :-)

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