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July 15, 2015


Lori S

I will take a guess - Looks like a constellation to me - Virgo?


Someone beat me to the punch - I guessed constellation also. It looks like the Big Dipper.

Tina in NJ

I guessed constellation too, but I think it's Orion. Or it could be a robot. If I get only one guess, I'll go with Orion, the Hunter.

Mrs. Plum

Ok, I think it's a constellaTion as well. Cassiopeia, perhaps?

Vicki W

Yes, Lori! You got it right! I was worried that people would see this one and have no clue. I'm glad that at least it looks like a constellation. Chris and I are both Virgos.


your wall is beautiful!


That is so cool, working your "personal" constellation into the design.


My first thought was a constellation, but then I thought it might be a fish.

Carol S.

Very clearly a constellation. I have no idea which one, though.

As for your other topic, my fear about the "big project" is wasting my time.

I have limited time for stitching (both in the short term and in the long term, in that I will die someday), and I don't want to waste time working on projects that "don't work out." I want to be productive with my needlework, which for me means having a finished project when I'm done. Throwing away something does not result in a finished project.

Revamping the proposed use for a project is a good idea, though (the quilt to table runner idea). Will have to see if I can incorporate that paradigm into my thinking.

Thanks for a interesting post!


The big dipper, though I am clearly not first. Darn.


My guess was a constellation but I had no idea which one. I think your wall designs get more challenging as you progress so that's confidence.

shirley bruner

I saw a constellation, too. i love all your ideas of each section....and that they are not all the same. this is the coolest wall ever......well, maybe tied with the Duck. hahahahahaha

Gene Black

Oh well, it is just as well that I was late. I saw a wagon or barrow filled with hay. I guess I went too far outside the box.

Mary Anne

I'm late to comment, but constellation was my first guess too. As for the Big Dream Project - two king-sized Quilt-zzzz finished and delivered. Now the BDJ has morphed into ANOTHER quilt - but *only* a double one this time. By then I hope that all that fabric will be used up and I can go back to my happy little 'crazy' world.


Actually took some steps on the Big Dream project this month. Going with Storm at Sea instead of Ocean Waves. I've decided not to be afraid of the weird angles. Last week I pulled the fabrics and don't care if I don't have enough. I'm boldly going to make blocks until I run out, and maybe make some scrappy if necessary, and that's the size the quilt will be. Next month...presoak all fabrics to make sure the dye is set. For now, continue finishing UFO's so I can justify starting a new big project.

Penny Kitzmiller


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