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June 26, 2015



Actually your "failures" are one of a kind ART!

Judy Hudgins

I'll take that 'failure' in the first it!


I love your 'failures'. Once they are in a quilt they will be beautiful tone on tones. I don't really see how any of them are wrong. If you want to throw them out, I'll take them and pay the shipping.


Interesting share - thanks, Vicki!

Becky in VA

Seeing is understanding how you do it. I wouldn't consider any of them failures. Keep up the good work!

Gene Black

The second "failure" with the missed lines shows the beauty that imperfection can achieve. I love the way the "missed threads" add dark areas that emphasize the lightness of the circles.


I'm still working through my Inspired to Design series from Elizabeth Barton's book! Since my last couple efforts were nice but boring, I decided to really try and focus on the Variety and Tension elements to mix things up a bit!! So far I'm really happy with how my lily wall hanging is coming along. I'm learning a lot about individual elements with this series, the trick is definitely getting everything working together successfully in one piece.

Mary Anne

Well I must say that I'd be pretty thrilled with what you call 'failures'. After all, they're blue - and how can anything that's blue be a failure?

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