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June 05, 2015


Tina in NJ

I have absolutely no idea how many UFOs, and I've started at least one more lately. But the big news is:The Wedding Quilts are DONE! (Well, except for a binding and a couple of labels if you want to get picky.) Just after my sister and I learned to quilt, 30 years ago, the first of our college friends got married. So we made them a quilt. Then everyone else started getting married and they got quilts. Then my sister moved and the quilts just sat there. Finally getting them done has been a mission the past 2-3 years, and now they're done. The last two will be delivered this summer, 27 and 20 years late.


awe, thanks Vicki The win will likely start a new project! lol But this also encourages me to keep on. Now is not the time to slack off! Happy summer!!!


UFOs - 12 (down one from last month - I started working on one again and moved it to the WIP category)
WIPs - 9 (up one from last month - see above)
NEW - 1
COMPLETED - 0 (although I did complete the NEW 1 yesterday, so I'll be able to count it for a June finish!)

I like the accountability the monthly tracking is giving me.

Sharon - IN

Total UFOs sitting around- no idea!
# of UFOs completed in May - 2 tops completed, one with its back!
New projects - let's not even talk about that! But I will mention I bought a new sewing machine and table so there is progress in setting up a sewing room!
UFO trashed - 0. Should I reconsider that? Oh, I did give away about 4 grocery sacks of fabric. That is good, right?
Projects in progress in May - Wellllll, I'm still counting the baby quilts waiting to be quilted.

Peg S.

I started a list at the beginning but haven't reported yet, so I'm going to go from where I am now. (Since I made the initial list I have finished at least 5 things, maybe more.)

I have 16 projects either sitting around (7) or actively in work (9).
One of those was started in May.
I had no May finishes.
No UFOs trashed

I'm going to try to report monthly from now on!


My goal is to link up in July with YTD numbers ...

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