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June 01, 2015


Rebecca in SoCal

So you're saying the "superfood" peddlers don't know beans!

Mary Anne

I've never made soap so found it interesting to see how much the bars shrink as they cure. I'll often open commercial soaps and let them 'air' for awhile hoping that maybe they might last longer. I like to think they do!


I found Rossi a long time ago and remember her selling those. I still think they are a great idea. I tend to get irritated myself on the latest... :( ahem, I have my own soap box! lol

Gene Black

I found the "fake science" article really interesting. We were discussing something similar at supper last night.

I have to make soap soon or I will run out. I have two pounds of lard in the refrigerator to use in it with some coconut oil and maybe something else. I usually use a loaf pan and slice the bars. Ha ha.. I don't worry too much about "pretty"

shirley bruner

Your post today just made me chuckle. i've been a cynic for several years now. haha i am old enough that i have heard and seen it all and nothing surprises me....and i don't believe much of anything. haha


I can't wait to see what you clamp up and dye! I think I have a couple of those shapes somewhere! I have never made soap, but I do buy all natural goat milk soap from a lady in Texas. I will never go back to using commercially made soap!

I don't do FB so I had no idea that so much misinformation is being spewed out into the world.

Beans - I love beans especially black beans! Yes, I am a bit lazy and buy them in a can most of the time rather than cooking them from dry. I eat them on a burrito tortillas with a bit of Munster cheese and boom, 1 minute and 30 seconds in the microwave and I have dinner! Yum!

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