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June 15, 2015



Don't you just love Yellowstone and the Tetons - hope you had as much fun as we always do. Love that Wall!!

Becky in VA

Congrats on yet another request from Paula Nadelstern!

You wasted no time in recording your trip on your wall. I love the bear footprints on YELLOWSTONE!


I absolutely love your wall mosaic. Creative,inspiring and beautiful. I get bored with projects and need a variety going at the same time.I admire quilters who finish a quilt before they move on to another project. That is not me.
Your wall art make me start thinking of what other projects I could work on.
I was also thinking of the people who might inherit in the far off future.
Have you thought of turning the wall into a book about the process?


The bear paws are so dramatic. I can "feel" the bear's presence. Good job!

Virtual Quilter

The wall is looking wonderful!

Mary Anne

My big dream project is nearly done and I'm ecstatic that the end is in sight! Quilt # 1 of 'The Quilt-zzzzz' is all done but the label and Quilt # 2 is undergoing the hand stitching part of the binding currently. Yay!! I never thought of including my current 'book' in the Big Dream Project until you mentioned it now in your post. I am working on book 3 of a series of family histories at the moment. I have had two published and this will be the final one. All of them are transcripts of old family diaries. Book one is from the early 1900's, written by my 3x great grandfather. Books two (and now three) were from my 2x great uncle. The first book was well over 300 pages; the second was almost 500; and who knows what the third one will end up being.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Your mosaic wall is coming along really well. So beautiful, and special that each clam shell represents a memory! My dream to publish a pattern became reality in April, and just last week I got it up on Craftsy. Now I am working on my second one, it is only in the thinking stage right now.

Mrs. Plum

Vicki, your wall looks terrific! I just love following your progress. My "big dream" project is a hand appliqué quilt I began in a class with Karen Kay Buckley over three years ago. I've only worked on it sporadically, but now the third and final block of Karen's original pattern is nearing completion. My goal is to design two more blocks to turn it into a bigger quilt. The new blocks are not designed yet, but I've been doing research and a lot of thinking.

Linda Kittmer

Vicki your mosaic wall is incredible! I love the symbolism...not just beautiful, but so meaningful.


The wall is looking great and now I can see the placement of my cracked plate at the left side of the window. The bear paw section is very cool. You put so much detail in each section! Congratulations on making a piece for Paula. I got to meet her a couple of years ago when the Akron Art Museum had an exhibit of her quilts. Her work is amazing and for you to get asked to participate is fantastic! That is on my big dream list - to get asked to have a piece made for a book.

Michele Matucheski (Sweet Leaf Notebook)

You're making great progress on the wall! I love that you are making it kind of like a journal, incorporating events and happenings of your life. You'll remember that trip forever!

Valerie Reynolds

I'm sooo inspired by your wall!!! WOW!!! I just came across your challenge and now ya have me thinking....pondering....will maybe link back later...

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