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May 30, 2015


Tina in NJ

Sailing looks a bit choppy today. Looking good!

Lynne in Hawaii

You may say it was easy but I say it is striking. I agree the sky if fantastic too.


That sailboat mosaic has sailed away with my heart!


You sure are sailing along wonderfully!

Mary Anne

Wonderful sailboat. Good job at getting the grapes to stay in one piece. If I'd tried that it would have disintegrated into itty bitty unidentifiable pieces!!


Love your little boat!


Wow, only halfway through, no wonder you were reluctant to start!

Virtual Quilter

Love the boat ... and the grapes are going to look good too.


Your mosaics continue to amaze me. Such talent!

Gina Skillings

As others are saying, your big dream project is amazing! Love how you created and handled your mushrooms and your sailboat is beautiful.

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