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May 20, 2015


Tina in NJ

Now you've jinxed me! Just as people often come down with the disease of the week on TV, now I expect to miscut fabric in the near future. Well, forewarned is forearmed. I'll just stick with un-special fabric for a while. No matter what size the pieces are, the fabric is lovely, so I'll be lurking around looking for that potential giveaway.

Becky in VA

CCD - we've all had it. Fortunately it isn't contagious - or is it?


Just another reason why sane quilting isn't my forte!!

Gene Black

I have done that so many times. I usually am cutting the "finished size" instead of the size with seam allowances. ARRRRGGHH


TOO funny . . .

Virtual Quilter

I am pretty sure I have not got that disorder as I would never do that!
Well, not on days when I am not cutting fabric anyway!

Linda Kittmer

Haha...measure twice, cut once...been there done that. I'm so glad you he'd extra fabric to recut.


Oops! I would just sew together the incorrectly cut blocks and make a baby quilt out of them.

Alycia Quiltygirl

CCD!!! I knew there was an explanation lol - glad you had more fabric!!!


CCD -- you are so funny! But it's not funny when it happens. Ah, yes, been there done that. Repeatedly. Sheesh, it's hard enough to keep ahead of the scraps without helping it along. But the joy of working with all your wonderful hand dyes must balance the agony of CCD. Yes?

Elizabeth Gibson

That is a great description of something we have all done. Love the idea of another give away though :)

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