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May 15, 2015


Beth in AZ

I love seeing your progress on the mosaic wall! it is gorgeous! I will try to get some pictures of my design wall with my story quilt in progress. Its slow going but SO much fun! I took a class with Mary Lou Weidman at Asilomar a couple weeks ago. What a great class!

Tina in NJ

How are you doing the templates for Zombie Ball? Since it needs to be fussy cut, I'm guessing the Accuquilt Go! isn't an option. When I wanted a cost-effective template for 6-inch DP blocks, printed the templates out from EQ7, spray glued them to a cereal box, and cut them out. Worked well for the small quilt I made.


that wall is just so cool - I love it


The birdies are a cute idea.

Mrs. Plum

Thanks for sharing the progress on your wall. Think how inspirational it will be when you are quilting on FloMo!

Katie Z.



The mosaic wall look fabulous! Those bluebirds are very cute! Love the quote about procrastination. I will be reading the article. My big dream project has stagnated and I need to get it back in motion again. Oh, the letter is going in the mail today. I will be waiting for the reaction.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

I am so impressed with your mosaic wall, it is going to be spectacular!


What a beautiful wall! The bluebirds are so cute, but the VT has to be my favorite ;)

LuAnn Kessi

Vicki.....your clamshell wall is so fanfreakingtastic I can't stand it! Love the new birdie design, so perfect for the nesting birds we have now. Keep at it, it just keeps getting better.

LuAnn in Oregon


Your wall is looking fantastic! When you're done, you will need to do tours.
The quilt on your frame looks interesting, too; nice colors.


Every time I see your wall I'm even more blown away. I love the bluebirds and how fitting that they should be on your wall. As for my big dream project (hah!!) - King Sized Quilt #1 is away being machine quilted and Almost King Sized Quilt # 2 is all ready to be quilted too. I'll be dropping it off on the 26th and maybe Quilt #1 will be done then.


Still chipping away at UFO's so I can justify starting my 'Dream Project.' I have the fabrics set aside. The next question is should it become "Storm at Sea" or "Ocean Waves"?

Angie in SoCal

You did post the progress!! It looks so beautiful - your dream is moving toward fulfillment. Wow!

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