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April 25, 2015



I would love to get to see your wall in person when it's done. Each section is such fun to see - this time my favourite is Home Sweet Home.


Each installment is so very creative! Thanks for sharing!


I'll say it again--I love your wall!!!

Marty Mason

Growing into a most beautiful wall.

Angie in SoCal

This is going to be a masterpiece! You'll have to be part of a home tour to share this wonderful mosaic.


Patchwork, house and silver bars but I really like the shading on that floor section. :)


Your mosaics are just going gangbusters and each one is so interesting in itself.


These are so beautiful it's a shame to hide them in your basement. I especially love the sunburst one. Could you use this technique on a bathroom wall? I don't know how waterproof you can make such mosaics. Obviously the bits of china, etc., are impervious to water, but I don't know about the grout.

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