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April 03, 2015


Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Count me as one of the interested readers, I enjoy birds. How sad about the bluebirds! Hope you have some good broods this year.


I love watching this process. We have a couple of bluebird boxes up, but I haven't seen any here. It has been up and down weather and today was cold.

Rebecca in SoCal

I enjoy the bird nest watch. Sad about the bluebirds.

The link for "where the boxes are" takes me to the chickadee page.

I'd like to hear a chickadee again! That's not even in the repertoire of the mockingbird singing in my front yard every night.

Gene Black

I hope you have more bluebirds - but I hope none of them freeze. That was too sad.


I must be one of the interested readers since opening this post this morning made me smile.

Cherie in St Louis

I lOVE your nest watch posts 😃. I bet there are more than four of us 😉


I do enjoy seeing the birds on the blogs I follow. Thanks for the hook up to the Ornithology web site. I hope your bluebirds come back this year.


I'll enjoy watching the progress of the bird nests. Also, I like seeing the new wall additions. It's nice that more of the pictorial scenes will be up highe so you can see them easily.

sarah did it!

I'm one of the "four" interested!!! I love to see what's progressing in your boxes. So sorry that you lost seven bluebids. Dad confirmed today that his bluebirds are back - I thought I had seen one a couple weeks ago. I have a single Cardinal looking for a lady friend. Hope he finds one clise to (my!!) home...

cindy oneal

Letting you know you need to up your numbers and please keep updating us on the bluebirds. Moving back to Virginia in a couple weeks and looking forward to having bluebirds in my own yard again. It was really special when we moved there for a year in 2009 and I started seeing fast little flashes of blue in the birds in my yard. Suspected and hoped it might be bluebirds which were not common in my home state of Ohio though the kids make bluebird houses in shop class there and put them up near farm fields. I had never seen one until moving to Virginia. They built a nest in my paper box and I got to keep a close watch on them that year. Even got some nice pictures of them in the nest. I was able to hold one of the babies in my hand and get a picture when it needed rescued and a little assistance in learning to fly. I will be too late to put up a box for this year but hope to find them in my new neighborhood. C


I feel so sad about the birds - I know I would have shed tears over that. Count me as one of the bird watchers too. I'm always happy to see the updates.

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