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April 17, 2015



My redbuds are just pinking up but nowhere near blooming yet.

Tina in NJ

I guess you could say this post was for the birds. Well, except for the pretty trees, I guess. Good hunting, Chris!

Becky in VA

That is one big turkey!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Yum, turkey soup! My redbud burst into bloom last week too, I got a new header photo with it. Gorgeous! Spring is a wonderful time of year with all the flowers. Great photos, enjoying your nest watch.


What a beautiful view you have! We have lots of turkeys around here now and one flew right in front of our car the other day. Scary things - they're huge!!


oh - and meant to say how thrilled I was to see that bird on the nest!!

Bonnie in Va

Yep, Richmond has been awash with beautiful spring flowers this year. And, spring was very much anticipated after that harsh winter. My cherry trees were in full bloom and now are giving up the flowers. But, it was the first year they didn't bloom off and on all winter which made the tree full of blossoms. Have fun at your class and talk. (well, hope you had fun at this point!)

Katie Z.

I love redbuds! Fresh meat is always the best, isn't it?


Does Chris clean the birds?

Ivory Spring

Do you ever go hunting with Chris? My secretary from my former life would go with her husband, she got to be REALLY good at turkey calling.

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