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March 20, 2015


Tina in NJ

Guild quilt show is a week from tomorrow and my long-armer is waiting for a part. She has two twin-sized quilts that I put in the show. I HOPE to be binding at least part of the weekend. It's the first day of spring and the weather dude is talking 2-6 inches! :(


Vicki I had a great time visiting with you. My head is still spinning with all the ideas and projects we talked about.

Your double wedding ring quilt looks great. Can't wait to see it all done.


I like the 'plainer' quilting motifs. Feathers and bubbles are everywhere. Nice decoration.


love that red and black block that you show


The DWR quilt is gorgeous. I've never made a black/white/red quilt, but always have loved the ones I've seen. Your ornaments are beyond gorgeous. Happy weekend!

donaleen kohn

It's been so beautiful outside that outdoor activities have been claiming most of my time and energy. Our teeny tiny yard is all spiffed up and we are having intermittent rain this weekend so planning on making some more wonky log cabin blocks and getting the second half of my other quilt ready for hand quilting. I don't like it when there is no hand work to do.


I picked up a small, unfinished Double Wedding Ring for free at the guild and after going through all the bits I find that there isn't any more of the intersection fabric that has already been used to make up most of the quilt. I've got everyone going through their stash to see if they can match, otherwise I have to come up with a different solution. Will also be deciding on the final layout of my Drunkard's Path as all the blocks are almost done. Additionally, finishing up a pair of slacks!


oooh - I had forgotten (momentarily) about your bead ornaments. So nice to be reminded. And I'm with you on the not being able to sit without doing something. Eating is NOT a good option!!


I had a "me too" moment while reading this post. I have to have some kind of handwork when watching TV. For me, it's knitting/crocheting/sewing in the winter and embroidery/sewing in the summer. Football season feels so productive to me--those lovely long blocks of time!

Virtual Quilter

Love the way you are quilting the Double Wedding Ring ... not a quilt I would add feathers to either.

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