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February 26, 2015



I love this quilt but would not have guessed that it was as big as a queen, all the pictures didn't read as large. Better late than never, I'm starting my DP at sewing group next week, all starched and ready to cut.


Seeing it all together gave me the impression of rocks tumbling down the side of a mountain. Probably the brown added to the impression. I like it!


I too didn't realize it was queen size - I find the color & design very interesting!

Jean S.

It's wonderful Vicki! Love the gradation of light to dark.


Love your quilt! I too have the GO! Drunkard Path dies. I think I will make one myself! Thanks for giving me the idea!

Katie Z.

Great work!

Linda Swanekamp

When I made my daughter's Circle Dance quilt, Queen size last year, I have a lot of those same kind of blocks left. You inspired me to try and lay those out and see if they make a quilt.


Love it! I'm digging that "leftover" quilt too.


This is a wonderful quilt!!!


It's beautiful!

Lynne in Hawaii

Your queen size DP came together great. Love it. I love the gradation. The left over blocks quilt will be another awesome look. Fantastic.

shirley bruner

WOW....i can't believe you had that many blocks. that was a lot of sewing. good for you for making a 'leftover' quilt and not letting those blocks become UFOs. haha they both are awesome.

Gene Black

I have the small DP die for the Go! but I don't enjoy sewing those curves.

Rebecca in SoCal

I generally don't care for brown, but I do like this! I think it's because there is so much variety, and because brown is the only color, not a background to livelier colors. You also used my preference layout.
My neighborhood group did a (drunkard's path!) quilt in all browns (commercial fabrics) from beige to black-with-brown, and it turned out very nicely. We did a "leftovers" quilt, also, and it seemed Japanese in spirit (elegant).


I'm sure the veteran who receives your 'leftover block quilt' will be thrilled with it and now we wait to see what you and FloMo do with it next.

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