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February 07, 2015


Tina in NJ

Cool stuff. (Just not right out of the kiln!)

shirley bruner

very are having fun now. keep it up. i'm loving it.


I do like the glass pebble effect! :)

Becky in VA

Of course you are making your own pebbles!

Looking great!


Ooh, this is going to be a beautiful mosaic when you're all done. I like the clamshell pattern that you're using.

Gene Black

Ah! That is a great way to use those bits. I am enjoying the mosaic journey.

Marie Z. Johansen

This is a wonderful project!
I love the pebbles.


The shimmer effect on the pebbles will reflect light on the wall - and a great use for something that you wouldn't be able to otherwise.


Very cool!

Virtual Quilter

I have been reminded lately that we are not the first generation to recycle. Glass used to be reused as bottles and jars, but love that you are making into something beautiful instead of useful.

I am recycling an old cupboard which I am slowly digging out from under up to 10 layers of paint and similar goo. The back features part of a stenciled sign saying that it must be kept dry. The sides are patched from smaller bits of timber, which came from old packing cases. My guess is that it is over a century old, and still as strong as the day it was made.

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