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February 24, 2015


LuAnn Kessi

Love everything you are doing Vicki! The quilt is stunning on your bedroom wall. I was also surprised at the size of the clamshells, thought they were much smaller, but do love them much bigger. You and flo mo are such a team. Your machine quilting is lovely. Your productivity is inspiring.....keep at it.
My Best To You,
LuAnn in Oregon


This is truly and absolutely WONDERFUL . . . love that it hangs in such a visible spot! FABULOUS quilting work, Vicki!


so nice! bet you are glad you had a finish :)

Tina in NJ

And this is a quilt from leftovers!? If you haven't e-mailed Leah about the quilt, I encourage you to do so. I'm sure she'd love to see it.

Becky in VA

Looks perfect on this wall! Love the quilting!


I really like that one too and I'm glad you have it hanging where you will see it every day.


Love your yellow and purple quilt!

Virtual Quilter

It looks like a crazy quilt on steroids but minus the fussy trims! I rather like it, but I would like it as a snuggle quilt.

Cheryl K.

There's a lot of energy in your design - both the amazing piecing, and all the wonderful quilting! Looks great!!


It is surely a stunner! I'm understanding as I need to get a binding done by Friday! :O

Joan Schott

Omigosh. It's fantastic.

Linda Swanekamp

Well, I found directions online how to put on a sleeve with no hand stitching but using the blind stitch on the machine. My vintage Singer 401 has a blind stitich and it worked marvelously. Just finished it on my Blue Improv. Makes sleeves much more can do in my opinion. My hand stitching is no longer very good. Let me know if you need a link.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Wow, looks wonderful, great fills!


I absolutely love this quilt!

Gene Black

I think it looks Great against that wall. I love using a variety of fills. I took one of Leah's classes on Craftsy and made a quilt that used that type of technique - i.e. a different fill in each block.

shirley bruner

That quilt is absolutely beautiful. i love all the different designs you pieced in there....i love the colors.....and i really love the quilting you did. i'm glad you kept it and hung it in the bedroom. it's a winner.


The quilt turned out fabulous!


Gorgeous, and how great that you could hang it on your wall where you can see it every day. It would be like waking up to sunshine!

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