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January 02, 2015



I had already decided to work in a series this year so I'm delighted to join up. I have done a few monthly projects but I really want to try a theme and develop it for a year. This is great timing and should be informative and fun! I'll link tomorrow.

Mary Anne

I've been reading what you've said about working in a series and thinking that I doubt I could do that and then it dawned on me that I actually DID do a series. Not sure what year it was now (but it was after 1999 when I first started into crazy quilting). Sharon Boggon (of Pintangle) ran a year-long colour challenge for crazy quilters. She would post a colour palette and the challenge was to create something using them. I stuck to it and had twelve blocks by the end of the year. Some months it was a gigantic effort to work with colours I didn't like and other months it was right in my comfort zone. I learned so much!


I am definitely going to join in and working in a series ... right now I am leaning toward working through the Elizabeth Barton book Inspired to Design. Not sure yet if the pieces will have a common theme as well or if I'll just work through her exercises. We'll see! I don't have a blog but I signed up for Instagram so I'll have a place to share photos!


I have some wonderful linen fabric that I have been collecting. It is begging to be turned into a series!

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