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January 07, 2015


Virtual Quilter

I have been doing a lot of the going through and sorting, putting some stuff away, trashing some, donating heaps ... give me another month and I might get down to the serious quilt stuff!

Tina in NJ

Shortly after my friend Nina taught our tight little group how to quilt, all our friends started getting married. You guessed it, let's make quilts! In the last couple of years, my sister and I have been working our way through the backlog. My oldest current UFO started as full-sized quilt. I thought I'd better check, and, yes, they have a queen. So we added a border. The top and backing have been sitting in my sewing room for a year. The happy couple celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss a year ago and their younger daughter is off to college. Yes, we're still friends. Guess I'd better call the long-armer...


The real world is the Internet! I would have to agree although I am seriously thinking of limiting my time in cyber world so I can get these UFO's done! Mind you I think the reason they are ufo's is because they are old and boring so I need to cruise/surf to find more modern ideas! Or do I need to move some along to better homes. :O Your Cathedral Windows is wonderful. I'm off to re evaluate identify my oldestUFO. I shall return!


You are way ahead of me. My goal right now is just to find all my UFOs. I know my oldest is a green and white Irish chain. At least I think it's an Irish chain. And I think it's in one of the boxes I crammed in the attic before Christmas. I might go check tonight, but it's pretty cold today and that attic is going to be cold, dark, and breezy. So to answer your questions.

1. How many UFOs? I think there are about 12, but I could be way off the mark.
2. How many finishes since last linkup? I'm new to your link up, so none I guess.
3. Ho many starts? Same answer
4. Tell about my oldest UFO. I really didn't know how to quilt but had checked a book out of the library called beginner quilts or something like that. The first was a courthouse steps and I struggled through it and then started the next one, the Irish chain. I thought it would be so much easier since the blocks were squares, but being new to quilting, I didn't know which way to press the seams or how to keep rows straight. It's quite possible, when I find it, that it goes straight to the trash.

Sharon MLS

You are so right, Vicki, about just getting rid of some UFOs. Through the guilt out the window! Here is another option to consider. There are several ladies in my area who make doggie bed for the shelter. They use any kind of scraps, and one gal in our quilting group saves even the tiniest scraps to bag up and donate for the doggies beds.

I still need to continue to sift through and find all the UFOs and then decide what to work on and what to donate & to where. My former sewing room over the garage is too cold right now for me to even think about looking in there. I'm so glad I moved my sewing to the other end of the house! -10 here tonight.

Katie Z.

1. I don't really have any projects aged enough to be UFOs, but I certainly have plenty of "in progress" and "somedays." Let's say I hae 10 on the go.

My oldest is a hand pieced hexagon quilt of snowflake and star fabrics. It's been an on again, off again project for at least four years, maybe more. It's a charm quilt and I don't have enough fabrics for a large quilt; it's unwieldy; I hae JoJo to pull out the papers; some of the fabrics were cut a little small, so the seams are a beast!

Stephanie Dunphy

I shall follow along with your progress. I totally agree that if you don't want to finish it then donate it. I've done that many times. Life is too short to work on something you don't love. May the internet be with you. :o)


Comment with your count... That is tricky. I apparently, count them differently than others. (I include WIPS, PIGS, UFOS & grand plans in my mind all together. I am a scrappy quilter - so any use for my scraps is apparently "game.")
I created a spreadsheet & so in addition to a real number, I have an idea where I am on those projects. (I like to cut everthing first, so my 100 block quilt still says, need to cut more blocks as an example.)
After all of that, I'm going to claim 83. (Which is officially too many especially if we count the number of finished quilts already insitu.)

That list includes some things that I intend to piece especially for charity - I make big quilts, most of which are too big for the majority of charity organizations, so I have to be more intentional.


Oh how I wish you had done this last year! My guild has been doing a UFO challenge that ends in May. I entered 20 UFOs and have finished 17. Very pleased with myself. And I did rid myself of a couple of projects - just added the fabric to my stash. Yes, very freeing. As soon as I finish my 3, I will begin a project I have been dying to do for a few months. Good luck all!

Cheryl K.

I'm in the camp of no UFO's - either the project is finished or abandoned long before it reaches that stage, at which point I have no intention of picking it up again. But your Cathedral Windows is spectacular!

Jan O

Such good advice about no-longer-loved UFOs. Don't let an anchor hold you down.
Love your Cathedral Windows quilt. It looks close to a finish in your photo. Good luck!


of the 40 UFO's I posted, I can't say that I have any UFO's that I will be forcing myself to complete. My oldest is a maple leaf appliqued top that belongs to my neighbor where I use to live. Her late sister made the blocks sometime in the early 70's. Irene doesn't sew so I volunteered to put them together into a top. I really need to get this done and give back to her before she passes. I have had it for more than 12 years so it is time to get it done!


Wow, having visited the link ups I'm just stunned by the counts. If I had the weight of that many UFOs, I don't have any, I would be immobilized by a deep depression. Hope all you quilters can get out from under.


I got rid of a LOT of ufo's a few years ago when I saw the stack, did the count and realized many were no longer 'luved' so I was kinda surprised to find myself once again looking at a stack. Except for a couple these are fairly recent and by golly I hope I've learned my lesson. The early 1990 mystery quilt is my oldest. I think I may have a plan! I have 37 UFO's and terrible as that sounds I feel they are still worthy. I will see if my applique projects make any further to-do lists though. Now to start and hopefully I won't be adding to the 'new' project lists!

Sarah Stevens

Thanks, Vicki, for pushing the UFOs this year. The timing is good since I had decided I really need to finish more of them to get to the new projects I've wanted to make forever. I found a calendar with spaces to record what I sew each day, and so far have worked on 3 UFOs (marked with a U) and 1 new project (marked with an N). Even though a good buddy encourages I start a blog, I think the calendar will be an easier new recording system.

I have 20 projects in the piecing stage, and 23 projects hanging waiting to be quilted (most have backs hanging with them, Yeah me!). I'll probably find more but this sounds like a pretty long list anyway.

Oops, I forgot to count my oldest UFO. It is still rolled onto a quilting frame for hand quilting. It is partially quilted, but it has been a long time I checked to see if some elves have finished it! I started it in 1983!


I am excited to find your UFO Challenge and joining with bells & whistles Vicki!
1. My UFO Collection has 43 projects and I have a UFO Countdown box on my blog. I was in triple digits 3 years ago so I know I can do this.
2. 0
3. 0
4. My Oldest UFO... I believe it to be a wall hanging from a Nancy Mahoney book from the mid 90's. It just needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound but it isn't really high on my list to finish. It might need some "fancy" quilting to jazz it up.


Adding that perhaps it might part of a charity quilt backing... I need to really dig down deep and make some decisions as you have suggested. Thanks.


Everyone has a slightly different definition of UFO, but I'm going to count 24 that I have started and actually plan to finish, plus two more that are 'inherited' UFO's and much older than mine: an antique 1930's Dresden Plate and a 1970's Grandmother's Flower garden partially pieced (both by hand). Of my 24 UFO's, 15 are finished tops that need to be quilted, so that's my focus this year.

LuAnn Kessi

My oh My Vicki.....your cathedral windows quilt is gorgeous. You are so lucky to be so far along with the project. Peck away at it bit by's worth it and so are you!

Happy New Year,
LuAnn in Oregon

Bonnie in Va

Late to the linky and nothing to link but I will in the future. I found 57 UFOs which surprised me because I finished several last year. But evidently I started and didn't finish several quilts. I have to compare the count I did this year with last years. I actually handled every one of the 57 projects. And, I had several on the previous list that I didn't come across. OMG. My oldest dates back to the early 1990s or late 1980's. I was active on quilting lists on Prodigy internet service when the internet was new. I have several sets of 4" blocks from swaps.

Hope springs eternal that 3 ufos will become tops by the end of the weekend. Two definitely can, the third one needs a replacement block. I'm at the beach house sewing away and the extra blocks are at home. Four out of 5 rows are sewn together. The last won't be until I'm home.

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