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January 08, 2015


Catherine Shepherd

I remember you working on those. I think they at least need some sashing, to separate them out a bit. They looked kinda squashed and mooshed too close together now.

Tina in NJ

I love the idea of a vine border with 3-petal blossoms. I've always wanted to do triple stripe sashing with opposing 9 patches for the cornerstones. That might not leave you enough space for quilting, but I think it would complement the era of the blocks. Just a thought.


Assuming you have similar scrappy prints, I can see white sashing with scrappy cornerstones - on point!

Rebecca in SoCal

"I am unanimous in"* that sashing would be good.

Just how big would it be with alternate blank blocks and border(s)?

May I suggest that instead of rows of 4 and 5 that you use rows of 5 and 6? That way it would come out even!

*Can you name that show?



Sarah Stevens

With this particular block, the flowers look the same whether straight set or on point. On point, sashing would be needed to showcase that. I like Tina's idea of the triple sashing weaving into 9 patches at the cornerstones. Since I rarely do appliqué, I might not have thought of the vine and blossom border, but that would be beautiful.


These blocks are so pretty! I can't say whether I would use sashing or not. I would have to live with the blocks before I could decide. I have a UFO with appliqued maple leaf blocks and there was not much room for quilting so I sashed them with the same white as the background of the blocks to give more space. In all the fabric that my neighbor gave me was some yardage that was used for one of the maple leaf blocks and I - thank goodness - cut the binding for the quilt from that so it will have a print for the binding against the white background.

Katie Z.

These blocks are beautiful! I love the fussy cutting too.


I love those blocks! Does the pattern have a name?

Mary Anne

I was thinking about my grandmother as I looked at the first couple of pictures too. Actually both my grandmothers were quilters and I would imagine one of them possibility made this pattern at some point.


I hope I'm not too late to add a comment. How about laying out a large backround fabric on the floor. Then take your fabric blocks and climb the ladder. Toss or throw each block onto to the fabric. Climb down (important in case you follow this suggestion) and pin the blocks in place. Then pin the background fabric to your design wall. What does the quilt say? Does it want stems and leaves? Does it want a picket fence? Or an arbor? When you asked for suggestions, I recalled a friend who had asked us to make leaf blocks for her. She thought of different ways to set them and then decided to let them be leaves. She tossed them on her background and then quilted in stems. It was a good sized wallhanging and really effective.

Quilter Kathy

I love the blocks just as you laid them out. A lovely swag border design would be fun!

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