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January 26, 2015


Tina in NJ

I think this will be one of the first to go. It's gorgeous! I was surprised to learn that it wasn't one piece to start off with! Good job!


Love your art piece. You should do this more often. Your hand dyes lend themselves to art works. Good job, good cause.


I have no doubt you have this "in you." It shows in all you do.

Sally T

Incredibly beautiful. It looks like one cloth.


OH MY! Lovely. I can't believe January is about gone. Yikes. I have things to do!!!

Becky in VA

I agree with Estelle. :-)


This is absolutely gorgeous! Whoever gets it will be very happy with it, I'm sure!


It is beautiful. I think they just send out the pieces randomly to donors so no one has the choice to "choose" it. That is a great use of the fabrics and I can see it would take time to line up some of the streaks.

Julie in GA

Your shibori fabrics worked together just perfectly in this piece. I wouldn't have guessed that it has six different pieces. Beautiful!!

Katie Z.

I love it!

Sue Daurio

Wow, that is truly a work of art! I must have stared at it for over 10 minutes. You certainly made it look effortless. The way it flows throughout the entire piece was so soothing to me. I think that's why I started at it so long, my gaze at first was scanning to see if it was one piece or seamed, but then it just really took over an moved a part of me to a very calm state. I don't often get moved by quilts, but this one certainly did. Wow, well done!!!

Linda Evans

That's my favorite quilt I've ever seen you post! Great job!

Mrs. Plum

Wow, wow, wow! Love your quilt. Thanks so much for sharing it.


Wonderful Arashi Shibori! I love how you have made those seams so incredibly subtle.


Your piece turned out fabulous!

Virginia A. Spiegel

Vicki, Thank you so much for donating this GORGEOUS artwork to THE 100 fundraiser to fight cancer.
Yes, Wanda, all the artwork will be assigned to donors randomly. There is no bidding, no waiting for the donation level to go down. Be one of the first 100 to REQUEST TO DONATE, make a $100 donation to the American Cancer Society through a special link I will provide you, and you could own one of 100 extraordinary artworks from an all-star list of artists from around the world. Again, all the details about how to participate are here:
Thank you for your support!!


You made a very beautiful, serene piece; the shibori is gorgeous.

Candy Glendening

This is lovely! And knock me over, until I read your blog I had no idea there were 6 different pieces of fabric, bravo with the blending!

Michele Matucheski (at Sweet Leaf)

Beautiful Shiboris!

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