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January 15, 2015


Pam in KC

My big dream project was the double wedding ring quilt that I machine pieced and then hand quilted on and off over the past 25 years. I finished it in November, and quite frankly, I haven't picked a new one. I'll have to give this some thought.


can a big dream project be one that you have started barely and want to finish but keep putting it off?

Tina in NJ

I guess my dream big project would be a hand appliqué quilt done in hand-dyed fabrics. What's keeping me from doing it? A pile of UFOs, some decades old and promised to close friends, and sheer laziness. I don't hand quilt anymore because I just don't have the patience for it. Piecing gives more immediate feedback. I've been collecting appliqué patterns for several years now. Perhaps it's time to pull the trigger, so to speak. The guild quilt show is in March, perhaps I'll start once all of those quilts are done.


I added my Love Entwined applique project to your list - I don't have the center of it done yet and I started it over a year ago.


My Dream Project was my jeans! Loved that project! I'll have to think of a new one soon because I miss that passion.

I'm available as labor on the mosaic with initial training from you and Lora!

Gene Black

My Big Dream project is one that I have started - but it became a UFO. I want to weave fabric to make a coat. It won't be heavy since I do live in Alabama and I want to wear it more than I would wear a heavy coat.

I have part of the fabric woven, but design is an issue. I don't know how I will sew it up when the fabric is all woven.

I intend to work more on this and get started. So, I am starting by considering design.

Mary Anne

OK - I'll play along, provided it's okay that the Big Dream project is somebody else's dream that I'm having to fulfill. #2 son and d-i-law have requested a king size quilt 'made by mom'. 'Mom' is not a quilter so this is a big deal! Fear of messing it up is what's holding me for ransom. Spending nearly $400 on the fabric alone makes me hugely apprehensive about cutting it all wrong or something. My first step (after reading all I can get my hands on about beginner quilting AND picking the brains of a couple of friends...ahem, thank you Vicki!!) will be to take that first cut into the lovely pristine fabric. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week.

Bonnie in Va

Oh you are leading us astray here. I am focusing on UFOs this year and as much as I want to start a project I'm standing strong. I have picked a complicated log cabin quilt out. I've even written the sizes of logs I need so it is readily available. I've even told myself making one block would be nifty. But, honestly, I have enough started and unfinished projects and I really don't want another one. So, I'm taking a pass on this great oppoortunity. But it has made me think about what I would consider a dream project besides the log cabin quilt. What pops into my mind is complicated quilts -- I tend to donate a lot of my quilts so I tend to make quick, easy quilts. Some day I will start a very complicated quilt but not until I make some good progress on UFOs. Thanks for jogging the brain.


I am going to do this because I have been wanting some hand work and a throw for the end of the bed. This dream is ready to become a reality! AND for some reason you have the ability to hook me, challenge me and most important- make me come up with the goods! Thanks Vicki! Three will be the charm! UFOs, Series and a Dream!

Dona Coffey

I have been looking at Dear Jane quilts for the last few years. I signed up Sunday to join the group at my LQS. We start our 13 month journey Feb 13.


My dream project is to make an Ocean Waves quilt with the gorgeous pack of your blue hand dyed fabrics that I won in a drawing some time ago. What's stopping me? I'm a little intimidated to cut into them, but also have so many ufo's that need attention first. So, I'm making a real effort to get some of those quilted up so I can turn my attention to starting something new.

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