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January 10, 2015



I hope the bottles are full of wine when you bring them home!! :-)


And the books make it all look so easy.


You sure aren't a quitter! Good luck on the next batch.


I like those swirls! Just so long the whole process doesn't drive you to buying full bottles! LOL

Deborah Levy

You'll get it! And once you do they will make fabulous appetizer plates!

Virtual Quilter

Love what the swirly mold does to ordinary bottles!

Mary Anne

Interesting! I've seen those bottles and wondered how they were done - obviously it's a complicated process. Can't wait to see your next round of experiments.

shirley bruner

Well, you're going through a lot of bottles.....but they are looking rather cool. i hope you sell some when you get them to your satisfaction. actually, i like them now.

couldn't you use these in the mosaic process? are you throwing away the ones you don't like?

Paula K.

So what do you do with them now?


Sure...the bottles are from a wine bar...all this frustration hasn't driven you to drink!!! Lol


You are bound and determined to figure this out! I think they will be so cool once you solve all the issues. One question - are the molds expensive?

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