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January 14, 2015


Tina in NJ

I really like the way those little half circles in the top section make it pop. I look forward to seeing these labels for some time to come.

sarah did it!

Best label ever!! I'm used to printing on fabric with an inkjet printer. Is it the same process with a (toner?) copier?

Becky in VA



love your label.


Great posting. I've always been interested in doodling and this is like graduate school doodling. Mthanks.

Virtual Quilter

That is a great way to combine two of your current interests! Great label for a quilt, and some gerat zentangling as well.

shirley bruner

that is one fabulous label. makes me want to start labeling. haha .... probably not


That is one fancy label! I love it!


"Photocopy to fabric" . . . what about scan and print?

Do you pretreat the fabric? If so, did I miss that post somewhere?

GREAT label!!

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