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January 21, 2015



Glad it turned out for you!!

terri stegmiller

Well that quilt brings back memories! Yikes, on the bleeding. I clearly need your guidance on the proper methods. LOL! So glad it came out okay.

Tina in NJ

I'm glad you fixed the quilt. I love the Flying Geese quilt; it's been on my list fo a while. Maybe after my daughter graduates high school (7th grade now). Or maybe sooner. We'll see.

Dreamworthy Quilts

This is very good information to know. It always sinks deeper when you know someone has actually seen it work.

Thank you!


Wow, I had no idea dye had a sneaky latency agenda! Dawn to the rescue; you're my source for all things dye.


Soaking, not just washing. I'm gonna file this!!!

Sue Bleiweisss

wow, that was a flashback - I remember making this quilt and I'm happy to hear that you're still enjoying and using it!

Stephanie Dunphy

A wonderful gift. Red is the worst offender of bleeding. I have a Christmas quilt I made...all fabrics pre-washed. Last year when I washed it with a color catcher and stood at the washer ready to put in the dryer immediately...after drying I saw that the red ran. I'm going to soak it in hot water in Dawn. Thanks.


Thanks for sharing/reminding us, Vicki!!!

Gene black

Whew! What a relief that it came clean.
Congrats on finishing the quilting.


I wonder why it bleed this time? At least you had a solution and were able to get rid of the red. Blue dawn?

Michele Matucheski (at Sweet Leaf)

Beautiful black red and white quilt! Thanks for your reminder about soaking a quilt with Dawn. I have one where the red recently ran. I see now I need to let it soak!

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