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December 29, 2014



I'm surprised to learn you have so many UFOs as you are so prolific in your output. I'll have to sit out this challenge as I don't have any UFOs!! Lots of 'wanna makes' though.


sounds interesting! I have a lot in progress actively working on

Katie Z.

I have a list of things in progress and that I want to start. Normally they don't make it to UFO status, but I do have a tendency to start too many things to the point of feeling overwhelmed,Munich is ridiculous for something I enjoy!


I'm in Vicki! Good idea to have your list on pages, I had been thinking along those lines but listing down the side of my posts, your idea is much better!
Looking forward to the other two items being posted.

Susan Hecker

I'm in!


Watch out with the prizes for quantity - you'll then have to decide if my king size binding project is equal to a pot holder...

(I never thought a pot holder could be a UFO - you sit down & do one, right? But I've been in UFO busting groups & have seen UFO's completed for prizes.)

Linda Swanekamp

You are barking up my tree. Yesterday, I went through the notebook and updated information and projects. I will post the notebook and a word file I use as sort of a spreadsheet on my blog later in the week as I am out of town. I will put your tag on my blog and look forward to moving ahead. I know I will keep starting projects because I have to try new things and learn more. But I am looking to buy a long arm to quilt faster and because an MRI shows If cannot push quilts through my machine anymore. No dealers are near me. Great idea!!!


I am really curious to know what's in the "project that needs to be abandoned" storage tub!!

Sharon MLS

Just yesterday I sat down and made a list of ufo's I want to finish. I need to weed through others and get to a point where I can donate them as is - I can think of a few that need to be abandoned! I can see adding a list as the year goes on, maybe not ufo's but the projects I really want to get cracking on. These might fit into your My Someday Project list. Thanks for opening this link up. It will be motivational to see everyone knocking the ufo's off their lists.

Libby Fife

I had to look twice at the number of open projects. Cripes! I'll be watching and cheering you on. Good luck!

Peg S.

I think one of my UFOs is the list of UFOs....but I won't count that. I'm ready to get started on this now! Can I still participate if I don't have a blog?

Liz in Kansas

Just this morning I decided to make a list of my UFO's and picked the first Monday of every month to review the list (as well as other goals). Apparently you and I have crossed thought waves somewhere! I haven't decided if I will blog about my progress, but if I do I will link up. Good luck on reaching your goals!


Yes. I decided this year, 2015, my word is Finish.

shirley bruner

You know i am in with this UFO busting business. i have about 30-something of them to do. i did manage to kill 6 UFOs this month so that is something. let's work it!

Judy Hudgins

I am joining in, both for my fiber projects and my non-fiber projects.

Andi Stanfield

I have been in a UFO-busting group for years now...very sad when the same old projects are on the list and new ones rotate in and out more quickly! Good Luck with your 2015 goals.
And for prizes...maybe people who finish a certain number of projects could be paired up for a swap of fat quarters or charm squares?


Do you hire yourself out as organizer or quilt accountant??? I like your plans! But lists.... oh my gosh - where to start.... lol


I have been working on my UFO's, but there are still more! I will be joining this group to help me keep on task to get those projects done!

Mary Anne

I made the same resolution (for lack of a better word for it) for the past two years and seem to manage to totally ignore all my best plans and hare off in all directions doing anything BUT reduce my stash. Who knows, maybe 2015 might be THE year??

Pamela North

My quilt group's challenge for 2015 is UFOs with a ticket in a prize draw for each one completed.

Bonnie in Va

Oooh, I've been focusing on UFOs a lot over the last few years although I'm not sure I've reduced the number I have. I think I'll be joining you on this endeavor.


I totally need to do this! With no weddings or new babies scheduled in the family (that I'm aware of) I just might have time in 2015 to get that UFO list down to size. Great idea!


I just saw your button on someone's blog and came over to investigate. This is exactly what I have planned for 2015 also so I would love to join you.

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