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December 05, 2014


Tina in NJ

I really like the second to last design, the one with the shadow effect. I would name it Shadow Vine, which is the name of a Round Dancing move. Round dancing is often described as choreographed ballroom dancing and square dancers often do it between tips.


I like the purple/green one! I don't know if I could do a controlled 2 color one but I really like a lot of these layouts.


I'm still with ya!

Rebecca in SoCal

You made me laugh with your comment on the second one (mess with you). That's three different shade sets, right? (I enjoy optical illusions)

Also, I see some variation in each color (they're not flat solids). Do you have a "hand-dyed" set of fabrics on EQ?

Sharon MLS

I'm still here too, kind of! Not working on the original DP but still working with curves. I do plan on getting the black and white completed. Soon-ish?

I like your last lay out. Those stripes do something for me!


I really like these! It's such a versatile block. Just when you think you've seen most of the variations, there are more. Thanks for sharing these layouts.

My DP quilt is on its way back from the quilter, so hopefully I'll get it bound and finished in the next couple weeks.


You are just having too much fun with EQ! It's always fun to see the variations.

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