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November 06, 2014



I avoid, avoid, avoid!!! Which really sucks because sewing is my hobby, not my job. So if I'm avoiding, I'm not sewing something I love, nor am I sewing anything at all. Once I "subcontracted" out a hem on my "Grinder Dress" and that was incredibly freeing. Another option: I work on what I am avoiding for one half hour a day until it is done or over the hump. Rarely (maybe never) have I ever abandoned a project, or even started a new one.

Tina in NJ

I too avoid like crazy (and isn't it crazy?). I find deadlines helpful, but they're not foolproof. I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I want to do, more than anything else (well, almost). I have noticed that quilts for others tend to get done before quilts for me. BTW, I really do like the quilting in the orange triangles. Did you fill with pebbles?


I read blogs of others like yours to inspire! It's funny what others see in our quilts and what we see in theirs though. I saw your vibrant orange triangles and immediately thought how I would use orange thread in them and then take the thread colour out into the background too to merge such a strong colour. Being in actual contact with the quilt helps a lot too though! Lol


I like the Something that you did!! Paralysis - I pray it goes away and something brilliant pops in my head!

Leslie McNeil

sometimes i leave it be... sometimes i plunge! and more often than not a little time, and a little risk, and as you have said, 'letting go and having fun' is really what we honestly forget in our passion for perfection. it's a process i'd guess, but I LOVE what you did WITH THE ORANGE TRIANGLES!!! Gorgeous texture, and i want to try it!!! Thank you for the inspiration, as always Dear Vicki!!! XOXO


Creative paralysis is cured by putting the quilt aside for a few weeks :-) Your quilt is looking great!

Mary Anne

Reading about your angst over what to do made me think about my fear of a blank page in my art journal/ledger. I agonize over what to do and what it's going to look like and spend more time waffling about it than I do actually doing it. Avoidance and procrastination are my enemies!

Sally T

Sometimes it pays off to take a break from it and do something else...a good nights sleep often works...letting new ideas and solutions surface.

Teresa in Music City

I do the same thing Vicki - I avoid. I find a million other things I need to be doing, and before I know it, a week has gone by and I haven't touched the quilt. Once I START, the creative juices usually follow and it gets done pretty quickly then. I have a saying that I picked up somewhere - "Do something! Even if it's wrong!" I absolutely love what you did with the triangles - that's perfect!

Libby Fife

Funny how we all do the same thing no matter the medium that we are using. I just remind myself that it isn't brain surgery and that if I screw up I can do another one or do something else. I do know what you mean though. Sometimes things seem too precious. It can be a real trap to moving forward. I just tell me myself to get over my bad self and to get myself going!

Beautiful piece by the way. I do love that orange!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Another avoider, but when it is on the frame it is hard to get away from it. I fretted over a charity quilt recently, one I wanted to do some custom practice on. I learned all these new things at AQS, yet putting them into practice isn't easy. Plus my quilting still looks so amateurish. Well, I am an amateur, but I want the quilting to look nice. I do know we are all harder on ourselves than someone else would be. Inspiration comes from other blogs, seeing what other quilters have done. I have a Pinterest board to look at when I am stuck.

sarah did it!

I'm another avoider. When I'm really stuck I set it aside and work on something else. Sometimes I don't get back to it for years and then the solution seems so simple and I wonder why I waited...


Ah, avoiding. I'm relating because if I do something great I tend to think it was fluke and then it is hard to do anything else because I think I may not be able to do it again. The games we play with our own selves. sheesh! I think you are right. The trick is to relax and play and have fun!!!

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