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November 14, 2014



Wow, those are all so striking!


I like versions #1 and #2. 1 is very modern... but the cool thing about #2 is that the big circles pop, and the small circles recede... it makes it more interesting. I really like row by row quilts, but #3 is a bit predictable. the others keep your eye moving... but any way you cut it: congrats on doing all those DPs! I'm making a quilt now with 75 sawtooth stars- the points are 1", and I think I might die! ha!

Tina in NJ

I Really like #1! It has so much motion! An all-brown quilt might get muddy (pun intended), but the design keeps things moving.


Version #1 - all the way!!!!!

Gene Black

I definitely like the first one with an angle gradient effect.


OH, YES!!! Luv this set up! And yes, I'm tardy but still with you!


hmm I like all of them - the last one reminds me of a Row by Row quilt while the first one would be perfect in a rainbow affect


I like all 3 versions, and since you have enough cut, just think, you can make all 3!

Mrs. Plum

I definitely like version 1 the best. Go with your instincts.


I really like the first version. Your quilt is going to be fantastic. I packed my DP quilt off to the longarm quilter, so that's my progress this week! :)

Cathy L in IA

I LOVE #1.


Love #1.


Egads - after seeing layout 1 (with large & small DP's) I almost want to A. make a DP quilt or B. Make a light to dark brown/purple/pink quilt!

Rebecca in SoCal

I like #1, but I have been known to be "off-center."

#3 is calm and rather stately, but has me itching to rearrange the blocks to put some diagonal in: either like version 1 or a "V."

Becky in VA

Definitely #1 - The title is: (Bubbles) RISING TO THE SURFACE!


Love the range of setting you've come up with, whichever you go with it's going to look great!

Connie Campbell

I really like version #1 the best Vicki, love the colors!


Version 1 is my favorite. No surprise since it is sort of how I arrange my blocks for the Halloween quilt - light to dark corner to corner.

Sarah Stevens

I love the version that spreads out from one corner. I can't wait to see your progress on this project.

Virtual Quilter

Love the first ... the assorted sizes work way better then in the others.

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