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October 20, 2014



Quilting looks fabulous! I thought the glass was gorgeous, but when you said pink I had to look again! Which one turns pink? The clear?

Kathy Sevebeck

Sorry to hear about the hip pain. I injured my back last March and spent the month just sitting.Could not even do handwork. Too bad about the UVA game, but they played well. VT is going to have their hands fulls on Nov. 29th. They are not playing well. Started piecing (by hand) the hexs. Takes about 2 hours to do one 7-hex flower.


Love the quilting on your HST quilt. Those are some great swirls and dots!


Not funny when you have nerve problems!! Hope you continue to improve.
Lovely Batik blocks.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Can't wait for Wednesday! Take care of that hip.

Leslie McNeil

beautiful quilting vicki; nice save on the glass! i bet it will be real pretty. i know i couldn't even begin to get up from a floor with my hips... not any more! so take care!

Mary Anne

Funny how, as we get older, crawling around on the floor isn't so easy anymore. My knee gives me grief so if I can't do things up on the table, they just don't get done. Looks like you've had a busy week!

Michele T

Your quilting is lovely!! It has been many years since I've tried glass cutting, it was an interesting and fun craft!!I still have my kit box buried in the he basement!


Lots of great productivity going on at your place. The stitches on your HST quilt are just beautiful. Enjoy getting to know all the new possibilities.


I love your crossroads blocks. I think that is what I need to take to my twice monthly sewing group too, mindless and I may start another one.

Connie Campbell

The quilting on your quilt looks great and that is too bad about the nerve in your leg. Hopefully raising it a little will take care of that problem. Great projects and as always love seeing your glass work!


Beautiful quilting in the blue bits…I always struggle with how to quilt my tops too. Sorry to hear about the nerve pain. It's annoying to have to slow down sometimes!


Wow, I'm lucky to get a couple hours of quilt work in! Your multi talents amaze me.


I love the quilting in the blue areas. Do you do this free motion?

Ivory Spring

The quilting is lovely, Vicki -- it is so light-hearted, and yet so substantial!!!

Working on "the" email this morning. :) So, you will for sure hear from before the day ends.


I've been waiting to hear about your new machine, sorry it hurt you but looks like a winner for the long haul.

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