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October 03, 2014


Sharon MLS

This looks like a lot of fun. I love DP, have made several, and have plenty of ideas (and collected patterns!) waiting for me to play more! I'm joining in. Blog post to follow. And thanks for organizing the DPQA!

Tina in NJ

Those quilts you linked to are so "you!" Especially the Japanese one. I don't blog, but this one I might quilt along with, if the pumpkins don't take up all of my time. (My church sells pumpkins as a fundraiser each year.)


Dang it Vicki, you've done it again. I'm hooked. I had started using some of my leftovers from a NYB blocks and made a pattern that sort of worked. One donation block later, I'm knowing what I can do and I really appreciate your links. I especially like the Mack and Mabel. ...and your Pinterest has some really neat ideas!


I have both of the GO dies . . . have settled on blues and greens and a blended layout. Not ready to post it just yet - maybe next Friday!

shirley bruner are such a bad influence on me. hahaha i currently have 32 UFOs in my studio...i counted this morning. i am NOT making a drunkards path .... i don't even care for stitching them much.

once i saw the video of fusing the circle to the square....i was ALMOST along for the ride.

i worked at the studio all day. but, i came home with brown 5" squares...and blue 3 1/2" circles...with fusible on them. dang it!! i had the accu quilt dies so they cut really fast.

but it is all your fault. i hope i can get this all finished and it won't become yet another UFO.

gee, thanks, Vicki hahaha


Oh I love the gradation one, and the scrappy one, and the ....... I might have to do this if I can make a decision on which one!


I love the idea of the gradation one! And the one in '30s prints. And, and, and - I love them all!!


Thanks for organising this QAL Vicki - after initial apprehension I know I am going to enjoy making this quilt! Just more thinking to be done.


I'm in. I've always loved the DP pattern. Going to see if the new (to me) technique for circles works for this. Even if it doesn't, I'm in.

Barb in MI

Thanks for starting the DP QAL - decisions to make which quilt pattern to pick...


As if you don't have enough links to how to make this block, here's a link to a video of Angela Pingel's method I've used it and found it worked well, plus you don't get stuck with all those pins.


This sounds like fun! Thanks for having the QAL. I was starting on a DP quilt with plaid thrifted shirts, so this is great!

Barb in MI

Me again ;-)... Just wondered how you sew your accuquilt die curves: which piece is on top when you feed into the machine? DO you pin the middle notch and both ends? Thank you!

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