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August 16, 2014


Kristin F



I agree with Chris--I like the trees best too, but they are all gorgeous. (The trees are green, after all!!)

Lynne in Hawaii are so talented!


I'm glad to hear your mom gave you a few minutes off! She probably chuckled when she read that.

I have always been a doodler, and sometimes made pretty intricate designs. It seems that Zentangles have rules though so I haven't tried it.

Virtual Quilter

Love the trees too ... Chris has good taste! But I also love the baubles as they lookk as though they are just about ready to hang on one of my trees!

Sue H

Wow, inspiring!

Gene Black

I like the trees a lot, but I love the ornaments at the bottom best.

Katie Z.

Lovely! I'm not much of a doodler (no time), but I love the idea that it opened up some new part of your brain!

Judy Hudgins

I need to get on your Christmas card list! Beautiful and not just for Christmas.


Each year I think, "These are the best cards yet!" This year is no exception. The drawings alone would be pretty, but the way you've incorporated the color makes them that much better.

Diana W.

I absolutely love what you are doing with the Zentangle and especially love those Christmas cards. Those are so gorgeous. I hope the recipients appreciate how special they are. Well done!


Beautiful cards!


Thanks for the great idea of using hand dyed scraps for zentangling. I've done a wee bit on fabric but stopped when other projects came up. Do you back your fabric with freezer paper or anything else to make it easier to draw your lines?


Thanks for the zentangle idea - I'm signing up for an intro class this fall.

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