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August 22, 2014



You are really on a streak with your quilting. I had to look and look to find the mistake. Funny how the eye sees what it expects to see.

Sharon MLS

Lovely quilting. How many veteran quilts are you planning on quilting? Isn't it odd how we sometimes miss a piecing mistake? I saw this one right away, but I missed one that I sent to my longarm friend. She found it afterwards too. I ripped out her quilting and my mistake, then requilted that small section. It was no fun repositioning the piece in an already quilted top! I had to sew it in by hand.


Maybe she ran out of red! I really like the ribbon stitch, rather serene.

Becky in VA

I had to really study this to find the piecing mistake. We've all done it! Your ribbon stitching looks great. Thanks for quilting all these for our veterans! Hope you know how much we appreciate you and Willie, in his final days.


Beautiful Quilts! I still love that Allegiance pattern! Nice job!! And thank you for making it available to all!!

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