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August 23, 2014



I would never have guessed pink. Are the pieces of glass labeled when you buy them as to the color it will be after firing? I know glazes on pottery are always a surprise too.


Wow how cool the glass turned that color. Love the color combo. Lucky friend. I think surprises are the best.


Very nice--Love how the cross looks in different light!

Becky in VA

Grayish glass turns pink!? This is a lovely piece, sure to be extra special for Kim because of the cross and the creative way you made it!


It. Is. Awesome. I hung it up in my window of my sewing room today and now my sewing room is complete. Thanks so much!!!!


Your glass is amazing, Vicki!


A beautiful piece of glass, I love the colours

shirley bruner

That is awesome...great job.


Beautiful quilt block. What a great gift.

Mary Anne

What a beautiful, and meaningful, gift! I never would have thought of being able to put a cross in the glass and I'm sitting here in total awe. Blessings on you for doing that!!

Gene Black

Great work on the glass piece. I love the dichroic cross inlay.


Wow, you have learned to do fantastic things with your glass.


Beautiful sun catcher!

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