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August 13, 2014



My, Brad's quilt is beautiful. So great that you and your mother can sew together.


I agree - that quilt for Brad is awesome! Kudos to both of you!

Cheryl K.

Your Mom's quilt out of the box of fabrics is AMAZING! What a great use of the Brad's family treasure!


quilt looks great


Your Mum's quilt looks so good, and your dyed backing is amazing - I love it.

Leslie McNeil

That is a cool story, and quilt!

Becky in VA

Your Mom created a beautiful quilt with a box of old fabric. Brad is sure to be very pleased.

Katie Z.

The quilt is awesome!

Virtual Quilter

Interesting story to the big quilt ... and a link to my history. I learned to use a treadle sewing machine making aprons for the church fete in the fifties. Wonder if some of the fabrics are the same!


That quilt is super awesome. Glenda rocks!!

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