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July 26, 2014


Katie Z.

So cool! It's a good thing I haven't time for another hobby, so I'll just admire yours!


Very neat! Thanks for sharing your process. I see these in winery's in Napa and Sonoma for a fair amount of $$ all the time. It's cool that you are able to do this yourself!

Mary Anne

ooooh - so THAT's how they do those bottles I've seen in the stores!! I love the green ones you did - I would hang one as a piece of stained glass. Hmmm...maybe you could do some sort of thing with the neck to make them so they could be hung??

Terri Watson

Love those, Vicki and I am fascinated by the process. I purchased a grey goose vodka slump as a gift for a friend several years ago. I wonder if you could do small bottles for wind chimes...hmmmm



This is fun to watch! Love the idea of making wind chimes using small vintage bottles....then of course it's always easy giving more ideas to others :) thanks for the inspiration!

Vicki in MN

Very interesting! Me thinks you can do anything and everything :-)))

Lemon Tree Tami

What fun. I haven't seen slumped bottles before. They look so cool.


How interesting! This is new to me. I can see that those would make great cheese 'boards.' You are so creative.


The bottles are pretty darn cool! I have to get those blue bottles in the mail to you.

Judy Hudgins

a co-worker makes these with her husband and adds a decorative ribbon and a cheese knife and sells them as sets.


Our son's wife brought one of these to us on their last visit. I'd never seen them before. Fun to see your post on these.


Wow, another hobby! You're amazing! Love how they turned out! Thanks for sharing!

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