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July 25, 2014


Tina in NJ

Love the "ugly" quilt! It sparkles!


I LOVE the "ugly" quilt!! It has so much movement and reminds me of crystals or of looking thru a Kaleidoscope. Very nice!!

Virtual Quilter

I wanna be ugly if ugly is that good looking!


Prettiest ugly quilt I ever did see!


I really like the subtle effects of the blotchy fabric in your quilt. I can attest from personal experience how versatile your dye ends are. I still have a bit left of the stuff I won, though I think bits and pieces have made their way into at least 5 of my quilts.


It's beautiful!

Jean S.

Tina beat me to it. I think you should change its name to the Sparkle Quilt. Very nice Vicki!


That's one good looking ugly quilt!


Your ugly duckling fabrics have created a swan. I just love how this quilt is turning out!


Love the ugly quilt! It does look like shattered glass or something similar. Just beautiful.

Cathy L

Beautiful Ugly! I'm not a border person but your border really adds a lot. I love it.

Thanks for hosting.

Ivory Spring

Vicki, I do not think it is UGLY at all!!!! I love love love it. It has the illusion of looking think through a dark piece of glass.

Rebecca in SoCal

That sure came out nice! I like that border, and notice it worked in the corners. (Thank you, EQ?) Good going!

Mary Anne

Definitely shouldn't be called the ugly quilt? How about calling it 'Swan Song' (with a nod to the story about the ugly duckling).


Part of my pile will become flying geese for what it is worth. (Some were too light - so they will become scraps - again.)


You definitely should change the name. It is not ugly!


As I have said before this quilt is anything BUT ugly! The border is exactly right and sets of the central part of the quilt.
Thanks so much for HSTeria, really enjoyed this quilt along and can't wait for your next one!!!


love your quilts - not ugly!


The border is super. Love it! Ugly quilt-Ha Ha!


Oh darn! I left it too late, Vicki. But this has been such a great quilt along and I'm definitely not done with Hsteria!!!


Here is my link-

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