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July 21, 2014



Love your shoes! I was just thinking about entangling and how it relates to quilting design. It never really appealed before, but I can see some sort of zentangling in my future.

Terry@Quilt Crazie

Love your shoes.


Vicki, I truly love your shoes. The "designs" you zentangled are wonderful! Where do you get your design inspiration? I would love to see a pair of shoes done this way, but also colored in. Will you ever be doing that? Such great inspiration!!


Those shoes are nothing short of fantabulous!!

Your border quilting is beautiful!

Tina in NJ

Nice shoes, lady! It bothers me a little that they're not symmetrical, but that's my problem and doesn't take anything away from your fabulous shoes. I really love your Woodland Star quilt and can't wait to see it done.

Brandy M.

LOVE those shoes!!! Question: if you scotch guard them, can you wear them in the rain without the ink bleeding? I'd love to do this. Yours look amazing!!!

Judy D in WA

Vicki! These are awesome! Had to share on FB with my friend Brandy. :)

Lemon Tree Tami

Fantastic shoes! Yes, I like this version better ... did you use a different type of pen this time? And I bet the black on grey set will be quite stunning as well. Hmm, I have visions of your glasswork being similar to Dali clocks, "dripping" over those wine bottles. Can't wait to see what they are.

Sue H


Ivory Spring

After I emailed you, I suddenly remembered I needed to check out your shoes! Such awesome-ness, Vicki!!! I love them. :) I am hoping you will get LOTS and LOTS to compliments when you wear them. They are SO cool!


Love your shoes! Hope this pair holds up better than the first, but on the upside, they are even prettier than the first set.

Becky in VA

Awesome shoes! I'm fascinated with the designs. Can you give lessons?!


I marvel at your shoes!


Awesome shoes!


I love the shoes! I could never do that with my short attentions span.

Debbie  St.Germain

I love how your sneakers came out, that is such a fun idea.



The shoes are beautiful!


Since the scotchguard didn't make the ink run this time, what pen did you use? I am thinking I would like to try this even though I don't even doodle well.


Fabulous shoes, and what is better than a day spent with friends doing creative things?

Mary Anne

I absolutely love your shoes! You might have started a whole new design trend.

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