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June 11, 2014


sarah did it!

Looks like a fun product! Can't wait to see the finished napkins. I went to a Zentangle demo and they lady had made napkins with tangles. I wonder if that could somehow be combined with the dye magnet? I bet they could be gorgeous.

Leslie McNeil

awesome results! i love the look, and the customization you got with the t-shirts, too.


Super cool and very interesting. I love reading your processes.


wow- definitely going to try this

Sally T

This would also be a great way to get different colors from the same screen when you're using a one-time screen process (with drawing fluid or maskeze, for example). (With separate wash outs, of course.)


I have a jar of Color Magnet too! I played around a bit with it and painted some rough stripes on some fabric before I dyed it. I liked the way it came out. I don't have any silk screens. Yes, I would agree it is like mucus! Thick and goopy! The results you achieve with the silk screen are beautiful! I can't wait to see the napkins!


I love that teal shirt. Very pretty!

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