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June 28, 2014


Gene Black

The yellow one would be my choice.
But I would be happy with either of them.

Linda Swanekamp

The square in a square, it looks like a light soaked quilt block! Love handmade soap, did you make it among your many other talents?

shirley bruner

Ooohhh....i love your glass. i would pick the little yellow one. both are soooo pretty.

Sandra Visser

The yellow one is gorgeous. So is the other one but would really clash in my bathroom :)

Carol Beasley

I love the yellow one. Have the perfect spot for same. Hope to win. You have so many talents, how do you find the time to do sll.


I love the yellow one. yelllow is my favorite color!


Amazing! You are so talented! I do love the yellow soap dish...just gorgeous!


I guess we all love your yellow dish: it would look great in my kitchen or bathroom or even in the studio. Yellow is my second favorite color and looks great next to my favorite, orange.


Too pretty for soap! I can't believe June is gone!
Thanks for all the chances and the goodies this week. You are a blessing!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home

Love your glass! I'd love the yellow one too.

Kristin F

They are both beautiful but I would choose the red and blue dish. You are so generous in your giveaways!


First I thought I'd like the red and blue dish and then I changed my mind to the yellow one. It's just so cute with the bar of soap sitting on it. By the way, at a garden fair last weekend I bought a bunch of small square glass plates (some with turned up corners) that were being sold as teabag holders.

Cynthia Lee

The yellow one would look great in my newly remodeled bathroom.

Mary Anne

I've been good and not put my name down for any of the giveaways because I won one of your last ones. However, a piece of your glass? I can't resist and have to throw my name in. Both pieces are gorgeous, but I would have to choose the sunny yellow one I think.


I love the yellow square in a square dish. Gorgeous!

C. H.

How beautiful! I guess I'd have to choose the yellow one.

thanks for a week of giveaways. What fun!


I love your little dishes...I like either one. Mary Anne sent me I'll go look around!

Marti M

The little yellow would look beautiful in my bathroom.


They are both beautiful, first choice the yellow.

Lynne in Hawaii

Oh. My. Both are so lovely and you want me to CHOOSE???? I think each one is terrific. Because most are saying the yellow, I'll go blue/red.


Both are gorgeous!! However, I have to go with the yellow--after all, I DID paint my studio that color!
Thank you so much for a fun, generous week of give aways.

Vicki H

Oh, I would love the yellow one. Thanks.

Sandy K

Yellow is one of my favorite colors right now. I would pick it.

Deborah Levy

Gorgeous glasswork Vicki!

Carol S.

Love these dishes, Vicki! Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love to have the yellow one.

Carol S.

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