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June 27, 2014


Kathleen Bennett

I will be taking a beading class at a local bead shop and finishing up a tote bag, made from the colorful drop cloth of a silk artist friend who placed the drop cloth under some extensive screen printing. Magic!

Tina in NJ

Saturday, I am teaching a workshop for my quilt Guild, Harvest Quilters of Central New Jersey. We will be doing a wall-sized version of next year's raffle quilt, which involves triangle-in-a-square units, which is why we need a workshop. (As if one needs a reason for a workshop!) Tomorrow is also my daughter's birthday, which we are celebrating tonight. Sunday is church and recovery. Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun. I drool over the shibori!

Janet MDH

What gorgeous fabrics! I'll be at my daughter's school fair this weekend -- school runs through June here because I live in France. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sally T

I'm going to join your Summer Vacation giveaway: offering 18 fat quarters on my blog. Plus, as usual, I'm going to attend to Tommy Cat's every whim.


I'm heading off to the Vermont Quilt Festival this morning with my friend Cindy. We've never been and we're looking forward to a good time. :)

Linda Swanekamp

Nothing big planned this weekend, as I am in an art show next Sunday. I have to get those paintings matted and in their sleeves and all the hardware ready. I do one outdoor show a year, so it takes prep.

Sandra Visser

A little running around/shopping on Saturday then straighten up the sewing room.

Cynthia Lee

My grand daughter will be visiting, she lives in AZ, so we will be driving around town so she can visit friends.


Continue mulching my garden and sewing. Need to vacuum--not my favorite thing to do. My energy runs out.Church on Sunday when we honor all our vets.


These shibori fabrics are just plain yummy! Weekend plans are to finish the ocean quilt top and work the merchandise booth for a gig my nephew's band has on Saturday. Oh, mow the grass that is getting very tall!


WOW can't believe you are giving away shibori fabric! I am hoping to spend a very lazy weekend doing sewing and not much else! We have had guests the past 2 weeks, so now it's time to relax and recover.


Love Shibori! Its always exciting to see how they come out after dyeing! Plans for the weekend, actually I want to do a little hand dyeing and retake some pictures!

Judy Hudgins

This Saturday, the gardens I volunteer in, is having Fairies and Wizards Day. So with a 15 month old grand daughter, wearing her wings and tutu skirt, we are going to play in a garden with other little fairies and wizards.

Pam O

Daughter and son-in-law are coming for a visit and to finalize purchase their dream land.


If the weather cooperates, a friend and I plan to try out Jacquard's SolarFast paint. I've been collecting old crocheted antimacassars to use for a pattern, plus several sizes of metal washers. We always have fun messing around, no matter whether our projects work out.

Gene Black

We have a going away celebration this weekend for a wonderful lady who has been our interim pastor. I will be doing some preparation for that --and of course either sewing, weaving or spinning.

shirley bruner

My plans for the weekend are pretty much like my plans for the rest of the week. retirement doesn't have many plans. i hope to get into the studio and do some actual quilting.


I LOVE shibori fabrics!\
I teach a workshop tomorrow and then will put my feet up on Sunday and really relax.


I'm driving down to Paducah, KY in a few hours. It's work related, but I haven't seen some of the people there in years. It will be nice to catch up again.

Martha Ginn

Weekend plans include a delightful play at our summer repertory theatre at U of Southern Miss--"Taking Steps." Also a little free-motion quilting on a silent auction piece for our guild's show.

Kristin F

I don't have any plans for the weekend, except probably watching a movie and doing some reading.

Marti M

Cleaning house. No fun this weekend :(

Quilting Tangent

Very pretty fabric, love the design. Just catching up on things around the house.

Debbie M

More yummy fabrics. Thanks, Vickie! My plans for the weekend are to do as little as possible. Rest and relaxation!

sarah did it!

On Sunday I'll be volunteering at the pancake breakfast at our local municipal airport. free pancakes for me but there were also be old planes to look at and a biplane to ride in!

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