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June 26, 2014


Barbara Waldrip

not exciting, but my favorite summer drink is a big glass of ice water with a slice of lemon.

Tina in NJ

Summer means root bear floats in my family: A&W root beer and Breyer's vanilla ice cream. My son just turned 21 and discovered mimosas (orange juice and champaign).


I make green ice tea with spearmint in it from the garden - or peppermint

Julie in GA

My favorite is very cold Shiner Ruby Redbird.
Your gradients are so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

Gene Black

I am pretty plain with my favorite summer beverage. I love a big glass of water with lots of ice.
If I am being wild, I will have lemonade.


Love root beer floats, but can't have them any more. Enjoy everything you can eat now. I now enjoy a glass of water. beautiful fabrics.

Vicki in MN

I love iced coffee with carmel in it-YUM!

Linda Swanekamp

Cold brewed Lipton iced tea. Just plop the cold brew bags in water, put in the fridge, and enjoy a short while later. Awesome fabrics today, Vicki!

Carol Beasley

I love to drink cold mango green tea all day in our hot humid summers in Arkansas.
Love your fabrics, hope tp win some.

shirley bruner

The best summer beverage is water....cold water. but i also like lemonade and iced tea. my hubby makes sun tea and it is good.

your fabrics are the best.


Lovely lovely fabrics! My favorite Summer beverage is Sweet Tea!


My favorite beverage year round is Dr. Pepper, with just a little more ice in the summertime.

sarah did it!

Oh, most definitely an ice, ice cold lemonade!

Quilting Tangent

Lemonade is my favorite.

Miz Karen

My favorite summer beverage is a mix of frozen lemonade and frozen limeade. Very refreshing. I love your fabrics. Hope I win

Cynthia Lee

Ice water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Janet MDH

What beautiful colors! Thanks for the chance to win them. My favorite summer beverage would have to be iced herbal tea -- I can drink it by the pitcherful.


Fresh Brewed Daily Ice Tea.
Not Sun Tea
Not 24 hour Old Tea
Fresh Brewed Tea.

Sally T

Coffee. Peet's Major Dickinson's Blend. Oh wait, you asked for a summer beverage, not my reason for living.

Katie Z.

My favorite drink is water from the well with three ice cubes! It's a pregnancy thing.

Kristin F

I drink alot of water, but in the summer I like Lipton's Blackberry Pomegranate decaf Green Tea - iced. It's very good!

Martha Ginn

Crystal Light peach mango tea with frozen Meyer Lemon juice from my very own little tree!

Jane S.

When it's hot out, I enjoy a good Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half iced tea). The lemonade sweetens the tea, and the iced tea takes the acid out of the lemonade. Yummy.


home-made Meyer lemonade is really the best, but my go-to is iced tea made from Good Earth tea -- tastes a bit sweet without adding any sugar!


ahem, Mike's Hard Lemonade, the lime version ;)

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