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June 25, 2014


Kathy Schmidt

What a great giveaway! My summer loves are dyeing outdoors and sitting on the deck with hand work. Just so happy NOT having any cold weather!

shirley bruner

Those are some awesome cards and i would love to send those to friends. my favorite summer activity is working in the garden and waiting for those tomatoes and veggies.s

Lynn Morhous

I'm looking forward to spending time with my grandkids and I have an upcoming quilting retreat in August. This past year I made Christmas and Easter postcards, I am very interested in your technique it is very different than mine. Thanks for the opportunity to win your postcard making kit.

Gene Black

My favorite summer activity? Hmmm... I do love sitting outside early with a cup of coffee, watching the birds enjoy the morning.

Cynthia Lee

My favorite summer activity is going to my flower gardens and seeing what's blooming everyday. I just started to work on fabric cards after years of collecting books, ideas and packages of misty fuse.

Linda Swanekamp

Flower gardening is the favorite summer thing. Photographing flowers for my paintings is next. And garden walks in Buffalo.
Would love to make some postcards as I make all my cards.


You do such great giveaways . . . thanks SO much, Vicki - I love making cards and post cards!

Lori s

Your sun prints are beautiful. My favorite summer activity is fishing. Be in out in the boat is do relaxing, even when we don't catch anything.

Joy Voltenburg

Those cards are beautiful! My favorite summer activity is planting/growing flowers.


I love your sun printing. I remember way back when that it was only in blue. Technology has come a long way.


My favorite summer activity is traveling with my nephew's band. Since he is in high school he doesn't schedule many events during the school year, but summer is a busy time. We have a gig this Saturday and I will be manning the merchandise booth as usual. I hope we sell a lot of t-shirts and CD's!
This postcard kit is wonderful! I was showing my postcards from you to my friend this weekend and she loved them!

Judy Hudgins

Picking veggies out of the garden in the early morning. Knowing that you grew them yourself and feeling the warmth of the sun in them.

Margaret Griffiths

I really like getting out side and digging on the garden. The sun print are wonderful thanks for the give away.

Vicki in MN

I so want to try sun printing-yours are sooooo pretty!! I have several favorite summer activities, but boating and biking are very big on my list.

Pauline Stafford

Thank you for your generosity with your beautiful
sun prints. Wow! Lovely. My favourite summer activity, walking my dog and taking pictures of flowers in peoples gardens. I love the rich vibrant colours and the soft pastels in comparison.

Katie Z.

My favorite vacation activities are harvesting fresh food and sewing as long as I want!

Tina in NJ

My favorite summer activities are travel (still have a kid in school so it has to be summer) and the annual 4-H fair (see above). And barbecues.

sarah did it!

Hmmm...fav summer activity? if I'm feeling lazy it would be laying in the hammock or sitting in my Adirondack chair out in the yard. If I'm all pumped up it's mountain climbing :) Gorgeous sunprints!


My favorite summer activity is dyeing fabric. I live in Ohio which means that my dyeing space - the garage - is unusable for dyeing from November to May. I hope to inaugurate this season's dyeing with ice dyeing later this week.

Phyllis in Iowa

Beautiful sun prints! I've not tried this technique.

Penny Kitzmiller

Oh how pretty your cards are! My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to the beach! I love love love the beach! It is so relaxing to me. And the beauty of the ocean still amazes me. But....when I'm back home. In the hot, humid days. You can be sure to find me downstairs in my cool sewing room. I will be sewing or crafting something up with my little buddy. My grandson. He loves to craft with me. This would be so cool for him to watch the sun dye his fabric. He would really enjoy it. Thank you for this chance.

Marti M

Making homemade ice cream and enjoying the sunsets.


I'm with Gene--but after coffee, I like to continue vegging in the sun--when we have it! I also stay up enjoying the light at midnight! So disliking winter and all the darkness is a given!


I guess the fav would be picking the summer fruits from my yard - apricot, cherry and pears.


The postcard kits look like so much fun. In the summer, I like to read and putter in the garden.

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