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June 07, 2014



love it - if I ever get out that way again I will need to find it! would love to see it in person

shirley bruner

That is damn awesome. wish i could see it in person. makes me want to go out and start on the garage at the Duck. hahahaha you were very lucky to get to go to his class and work with him. very cool.

were you just using regular for tile? or was it some special stuff. is there an 'outside' grout? i am fascinated.

Tina in NJ

For the windows, did he use glass? Glass marbles? What, if any, did he use for grout? I love the way he translated his wall style to the windows, but I assume he had to adjust materials?


I love that there is free public art. That warehouse is totally amazing.


How VERY interesting, creative and beautiful. I appreciate you sharing your photos.


Wow! I can't imagine the number of hours to do all that work. The ceilings too? That hurts my neck just thinking about that!

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