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June 06, 2014


Tina in NJ

I think I like number 3 best. The last 2 are also nice, a bit different from what I usually do. (I know my style better than I know yours.) But I like 3 best.

Cheryl K.

I like number 3 also - I think the hand dyes will be best showcased with that layout.
But they are all winners really.


I love number 3

Gene Black

I pick Option3. I like one and two also, but THREE really speaks to me.

shirley bruner

Those are some hard choices to choose from. i like them all, also. i think i would take option 3.....or 5. LOL


Tee Hee! Option 2 is one I'm using, so I must love it! :)

Linda Swanekamp

I think option 3 would let the light values shimmer without a strong takeover of the pattern. Hope to sew my blocks and rows together at a quilt retreat this weekend.


That's a lot of triangles! My favorite is option 3.


I just can't pick one, they are all so interesting. Don't know how you are going to decide either.


Option 3 is my favorite, with option 1 being a close runner-up!


I like 5 and 3 equally but they're ALL good!

Becky in VA

Definitely #1! I'm in the minority but that's the design I would use, except that I'm not making this quilt. LOL


I like 2 first and 5 second.

Virtual Quilter

2 or 3 ... but subject to change whe I see it in colour!


Hi Vicki,
I really like #1. Becky, you are not alone anymore.

Jan O

I like options 3 and 5. I think 3 will work better for your hand-dyed fabrics. I love option 5 but I think it would work better for modern geometric prints.

Peg S.

I like #3 best; #1 is my second favorite. I'm sure it will be beautiful no matter which one you choose!


Option 3 and Option 1 are my picks -- good luck making the decision!

Candy Glendening

i like 1 & 3, 3 probably a wee bit more!!!


I'm getting a late start but next week I will have a start on mine.


Option 3! It's the most visually interesting. Will be a great quilt!

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