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June 20, 2014


Sally T

Beautiful! How about going for a "modern" look without a border?


I really like your choices for the small bits. I know you'll do whatever speaks to you the loudest. :o)

Tina in NJ

Love the pretty quilt. If it were mine (me making it, that is), I'd probably go with a white border and do something interesting in the corners. Small Broken Dishes blocks, perhaps? I once made a small quilt with a border similar to the one with the opposing corners to frame a single feathered star. But I used HSTs instead of squares. However, the quilt would look great without borders.

Gene Black

I actually like the border that "doesn't tie to the center" - It adds an extra layer of design. The colors will tie it to the center and the inner solid border will provide a resting place for the eyes.
Being who I am, I would not do it as evenly as in the mockup. I would vary sizes and make it a bit more of an abstract.


beautiful - my hst quilt is growing - I too think a border doesn't have to tie to the center - but a lot of time it does look good tied to the center - sometimes as long as a border has some of the same color it looks great.


For the HST quilt I like the second look with the fabrics in the corners. For the ugly quilt I like the third version the best. I know what ever way you go on either quilt they will be pretty!


It's so amazing how a little change in one aspect of a quilt can change the whole thing. Addicting...just playing with the possibilities. I love the second option of your new quilt with the solids on the corners, but then I'd like it with just a binding too! I lean towards the first option for your ugly quilt. Great fun picking out what to do!


I like the broken border in the 2 opposite corners. I had to do something similar when I was short of fabric and loved my broken border.


I love the soft colors in your pretty color. Like Tina, my inclination would be to make corner blocks from your fabric with white borders, but I actually like both of your ideas, too.


I LOVE your quilt! The fabric colors are so soft. Great design.

Candy Glendening

ooh Ooh Definitely the colors in the corners would be a great way to end this lovely quilt! Becky's quilt is lovely too!

Becky in VA

The Pretty and The Ugly - both such great quilts.

What about a white border to make the Pretty Quilt larger - then piece something angular in opposing corners and make a pieced scrappy binding. . .that should bring it all together. Oh, and make the white border wide for some beautiful feathered quilting - make it look like you designed it as a place to show off some of your quilting.

Can't wait to see what YOU decide looks best!

Becky's quilt is so pretty!

Marie Z. Johansen

How do you manage to do so much in a day?! I am tempted to join! I love how you have posted the potential patterns.....but I am still working on my Fractured! I start or should I not! Great looking quilt!

Pam O

Looks like sherbet with those soft colors. Ice cream cone final border or a scalloped white border. I know-- too much work!

Another thought, could you strip the left overs for the binding?

Regardless, whatever you do will be lovely. Variegated thread on white will be luscious.

Cathy L

I usually tend to go border- less in my quilts so don't have much good advice. If I were going to make a border to make it larger I think I would just add a plain white border and then use leftovers sewn together for binding.


For the pretty quilt, use the border treatment of the second mock-up, but turn the bits into flying geese. That will give it the same look as the body of the quilt.

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