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June 03, 2014


Angie in SoCal

Thanks for the process, Vickie. At first I thought it was embroidery - very nice effect.


Your prints look great! What type of paint did you use? Screen printing ink or fabric paint or something else?


Super pretty. How fun to have a friend to play with. :o) I kept reading sun print foliage then screen print the bird. Obviously my brain isn't engaged today.

Elizabeth Gibson

Thermofax screening material is made of two layers; one a finely woven material and the other a plastic emulsion. When the screen is made, the plastic emulsion "burns" away in the processing. Be sure to place your painters tape on the rough side of the screen (the side that feels screen like) not the smoother side of the screen which is the side with the plastic emulsion. Tape placed on the side with the plastic emulsion can easily tear off the emulsion leaving behind only the screen material which will now allow paint through where there is no plastic emulsion to block the paint. I hope this helps. Elizabeth of PGFiber2Art

terri stegmiller

Great idea to tape of an area. Too bad about the ruined screen. These look great!

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