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May 14, 2014



neat trick!


I have a stick like that (but covered with cotton) I got at a quilt shop. I didn't use it on my HST's, but I did use it when joining my string blocks.


Now that I have actually read (Rather than acting like a puppy - look a squirrel!) I have the strip stick that you linked to. :o) Is that a ball? (Quite the puppy!)


Guess what I'm asking DH to make for me . . . . Great suggestion!

kathleen Solomi

Good idea the seam stick . My carpenter son will have a piece
I think the eggs in my blackbird nest are duff .she has ben sitting too long


I do press some seams open but I never heard of this stick. I do know about hams. ;)

Tina in NJ

The steam stick reminds me of my clapper, but that part is flat. Most of my HSTs finish at 2 inches; I can't imagine pressing the seams open without burning my fingers! (I use lots of steam.)

shirley bruner

I feel your pain. i was pressing mine as i finished a bunch for the day. still....sometimes there were more than a hundred of them. that's the part i hate. but today i am putting the border on the first HSTeria quilt top. thanks to you


My mom wanted one of these so my dad who has lots of tools bought a big dowel and sliced it in half for her. Guess who got the other half? Me! I used it a lot when I was altering clothes and once in awhile I pull it out for quilting. I never thought about it making a seam flatter. Good to know!


This is great info, thanks, I just might try something like this tonight to finish ironing the rest of my HST's

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