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May 13, 2014


Libby Fife

Lots of wonderful new life at your home:)

Gene Black

Mother and I sat on her porch yesterday and watched birds. We were very happy to see a bluebird fly by . We also saw a pair of woodpeckers but they were too far away to tell if they were Downy or Hairy.


What a beautiful iris! I miss mine.

Sally T

Delicious! You're welcome. Tommy

Virtual Quilter

Love that iris! I think I might have a similar one but I don't know the name of it, and mine is possibly from an Aussie breeder.


Love the bird watch. The elderly lady across the street (it's ok if I call her elderly because I am, too) has a nesting mourning dove in an unplanted hanging planter on her porch --where she can see it from her window or from her porch chair. Fun!
The iris is so pretty. It reminds me of one I had some years back. I think it was called 'gypsy.' I had so many pretty irises at that house. I've been unsuccessful with them where I now live. Enjoy!

Katie Z.

We have lots of irises thanks to the previous owners. This is our spring enjoying the wide variety that pops up!

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